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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Her First Full Day in Madison

Singer literally prances as she walks. Her head swivels around, looking at her new environment, and her paws curl cutely as she swiftly walks along. We headed to Garner Park this morning, a favorite walk I used to take with Saylor. There is a good mix of prairie, pine trees and woods, and hills in this park that borders a busy street called Mineral Point. Cars whiz up a hill along the edge where a sidewalk meanders through tall oak trees. Check out the picture called Road to the Park:
In the park itself, there is a beautiful prairie that is maintained by the city. I've seen deer there, and there is the usual wildlife scattered throughout. There is a small copse of pine trees right in the middle of the prairie--very pretty:
Singer stood at the ridge of a hill and looked around, soaking in all that she could sense through her eyes, ears and of course her nose. I think she liked what she saw.

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