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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dakota is Doing Okay -- For Now

The new vet checked out Dakota, listened to his slight wheezing sounds with his stethoscope, and looked at me with a quizzical look on his face. "You heard those sounds just with your ear?" I told him I bent down close to listen. But still, they were pretty hard to hear, he said. I blushed as I realized how neurotic he thought I was. But remember, we had just lost Saylor not too long ago, I wanted to remind him but didn't. What had I missed with her last illness?

We decided not to treat Dakota's asthma. Instead we discussed giving him a trial of Prozak to help him with the transition of bringing Singer into our home. He assured me that it couldn't hurt. So we will try it with him for a month or two, then taper him off of it. "It should give him more confidence," the vet noted. And perhaps he will need it to deal with an unfamiliar dog in the house who just may decide that he's a squirrel. I don't want him cowering under the couch all day.

Ambivalence came back with a vengeance last night around two in the morning. I looked out to see snow falling, and remembered how much Saylor loved the snow. She loved licking it off the sidewalk on our walks. She loved prancing in the snow in our backyard. The moonlight casts a greyish blue light on newly fallen snow that is so ethereal. I couldn't help but think of her and wish she was here. She is my angel dog.


Marianne said...

Her spirit is around in the snow I guess. I hope Dakota does well on the Prozac. When is Singer arriving. Merry Christmas Christine. I'm making cookies that should have been made days ago. Have a wonderful day!

Singer's Mom said...

Dakota rejected the pill tonight, even though it was covered in cream! You can fool a cat once...(he ate it yesterday) but I think he's telling us he doesn't need it. I hope so.
We pick up Singer tomorrow afternoon. I'll be sure to make a new post and upload pictures! Merry Christmas and enjoy your cookies! Thanks for your comment, too!